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GPCC - University of Gothenburg Centre for Person-centred Care

Welcome to Europe’s only research centre for Person-centred Care in long-term illness!

Person-centred care
Person-centred care sees patients as persons who are more than their illness. Person-centred care emanates from the patient’s experience of his/her situation and his/her individual conditions, resources and restraints.

Person-centred care is a partnership between patients/carers and professional care givers. The starting point is the patient’s narrative, which is recorded in a structured manner. A mutual care plan is then created, based on the patient's narrative together with physical examination and test results. This care plan incorporates goals and strategies for implementation and short and long term follow up.

About University of Gothenburg Centre for person-centred care
The Gothenburg University Centre for Person-centred Care (GPCC) is an interdisciplinary research centre, established in January 2010, with the support of the Swedish government's strategic investment in health and care research.

Our research
Around 100 national and international researchers from different disciplines collaborate on research at GPCC. Among them are representatives from nearly all of the University's faculties. They carry out around 40 different research projects which all have their basis in the common theme Person-centred care in long-lasting illness.

A unique aspect about GPCC is that we have evaluated person-centred care scientifically, both within orthopaedic and internal medicine care practices. This has established that person-centred care is capable of enhancing the efficiency of the care process. Apart from enhancing cost effectiveness, patients have also experienced a much higher level of satisfaction with their care, because it is individually tailored and the resources of each individual are utilised in a completely new way.

Our vision

Sustainable health through sustainable care: To prevent and reduce suffering and strengthen the efficiency of institutional care through person-centred care.

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